The years of childhood, is known, are the ones that most mark our personality in adulthood. After the experiences in the most noble Italian hotels and the years spent with the masters Gualtiero Marchesi and Andrea Berton, Alfio Ghezzi would never have imagined that the Mart (Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art), in his Trentino Region, would have become so important to him. He moved here in the autumn of 2019 starting to get his hands on an idea of simple, recognizable cuisine, focused on the search for essence and balance, but also aimed at finding the new.
The result is light creations, contaminated by a territory that is told through products and producers and where tradition is only the background, guaranteeing the values ​​of the native land.

Alfio Ghezzi - The Chef - Gallery 1 Alfio Ghezzi - The Chef - Gallery 2 Alfio Ghezzi - The Chef - Gallery 3

A life
between cuisine
and nature

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