Antologia – Le conserve di Alfio Ghezzi

Strongly tied to the Trentino Region, where he was born and raised, the Chef deeply respects the traditions and enhances the territory through the use of local ingredients, according to their seasonality. From the desire to formulate an ethical and sustainable proposal comes Antologia. Antoligia is a line of preserved Trentino products designed in compliance with a practice that in mountain traditions has always represented a need dictated by the long rest of the ground during the winter.

Antologia - Le conserve di Alfio Ghezzi - Gallery 1 Antologia - Le conserve di Alfio Ghezzi - Gallery 2
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This is an honest and sustainable initiative that develops through collaboration with farmers who refer to the Teseo Project of the Group 78 Social Cooperative at the Mas Del Gnac in Isera.
The line of preserves, which not surprisingly owes its name to the Greek word anthología with the original meaning of “collection of flowers”, aims to recover the ancient methods of preserving food. Everything that the earth offers is used and there is no waste at present. Tomatoes grown in Lenzima in Tomato Puree, plums of Drena in plum compote, cabbage from the Val di Gresta, white and red, have been transformed into sauerkraut and finally blueberries into blueberry compote.

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