Alfio Ghezzi Bistrot – Mart

The bistrot is the informal variation of our thoughts, a careful proposal, structured for the whole day, from morning to evening, according to everyone's needs, for breakfast, for a quick lunch break, a relaxed snack or a tasty snack at the exit of an exhibition.

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Alfio Ghezzi Bistrot Mart
Corso Angelo Bettini, 43
38068 Rovereto (TN), Italy

Tuesday-Wednesday: 10.00-21.30
Thursday-Sunday: 10.00-18.00
Monday: close
+39 0464 661375

tasty and fast

Pizza alla Pala
Pizza al Ruoto
Rye Bread, speck and horseradish
Buckwheat Bread and vegetables
Panzanella (Tuscan tomato and bread salad)
FROM THE GARDENSeasonal vegetables and salad like a Nizzarda salad
Large mixed salad, trentingrana, chicken and crispy bacon
FROM THE CELLARSelection of cured meat and cheese IN THE CUPBOARD
Carrot Cake
Red Fruit Tart
Chef’s Sacher
Apple Cake
Venetian Bun
Pain au chocolat
Doughnut Krapfen
TRAVELLING IN TRENTINOSalted meat from Trento, bean and onion gruel
Canederli smalzadi (bread dumplings)
Rabbit stew and polenta
Apple strudel
Fennel, bacon by nero casentino, horseradish mayonnaise
Steamed carpaccio, smoked aubergine, cauliflower and onions "Mi Coltivo’ project
Rice, tomato and olives
Pasta, pesto, potatoes and chilli trentino
Lucana sheep, amashed pecorino cheese and chard "Mi Coltivo’ project
Turbot, zucchini and mint
Melon, chocolate and vino santo
Ricotta cheese cake, apricots and mint

Alfio Ghezzi Bistrot - Mart - Gallery 1 Alfio Ghezzi Bistrot - Mart - Gallery 2
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