Cuisine, art
and design are
the ingredients
that make us
feel good

In dialogue with the MART museum's collection which includes some of the greatest Italian masterpieces of the twentieth century, the Spazio ALFIO GHEZZI BISTROT AND SENSO are a journey through the design of the twentieth century, a rigorous tribute to Italian style.

The furnishings constitute a selection of iconic pieces that identify the great history of Italian design: the Luisa armchair (832) and the Cavalletto table (883) by Franco Albini; the Mezzadro stool and the San Luca armchair by Achille Castiglioni; the Seconda / 602 chair and the Charlotte armchair by Mario Botta; the Uragano armchair, and the Louisiana armchair by Vico Magistretti; the Ghiaccio armchair by Piero Lissoni.

Funzionalità - Alfio Ghezzi


Design - Alfio Ghezzi


Sobriety - Alfio Ghezzi


Italian style - Alfio Ghezzi

Italian style

Culture - Alfio Ghezzi


Essentiality - Alfio Ghezzi


Through the creative processes of at least four generations of designers, the venue performs the task of serving the public and, together, creates a cultural testimony as well as a significant core of a new museum collection.
The rooms are divided into different hospitality areas, identified by the type of seats, furniture, lighting bodies and by the orientation of large reproductions of pictorial images that are proposed as a tribute to Gillo Dorfles, extraordinary and eclectic intellectual, author of fundamental essays on design of the twentieth century.

For Alfio Ghezzi, design is an integral part of his language, a canvas dedicated to “Made in Italy” in which present his dishes.

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