Senso – Mart – Alfio Ghezzi

Beauty and art are essentially the ability to leave a trace of oneself in people, the ability to enlighten.
Senso is the evening restaurant, where the chef's taste experience emerge immediately. The philosophy interpreted by the menu is the Made in Italy through the simplicity of the taste. The menu communicates the direct line with all the production companies that work with a strong vocation for the sustainability of the territory. It is based on a seven-course tasting proposal "La Cucina del Senso", with the possibility to do the five-course menu where are included homage to the territory, compartire and moka or in the three-course menu are included homage to the territory, compartire and moka. Nostrum is a four glasses wine pairing and Terra is the six glasses wine pairing.

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Senso Alfio Ghezzi Mart
Corso Angelo Bettini, 43
38068 Rovereto (TN), Italy

Tuesday-Saturday: 19.30-22.00
+39 0464 661375

homage to the territorytasting
pike, shiitake, celery root extractTRIPE AND ONIONS
in third class 100 years laterBROCCOLI FROM TORBOLE
Trentingrana, cocoa, chili and trout eggsPLIN
sour butter and Vallarsa saffron
BREAK THE BREADwild yeast bread, butter from the alpine hut Bordolona
ARCTIC CHARroasted barley and watercress
ROE DEERsavoy cabbage and chestnut in the pot, sour cream, cranberry and juniperMELA LUCENTE (our way of strudel)homage to the art of Murano glass chandalier
MOKAIlly coffee personal blend and small pastries
✽ ✽ ✽CAROTA 2019carrots, Chardonnay e red sprucePATATE PATATE PATATE 2013traditional potato gnocchi, potato and herring soft cream, purple potato powder and baconLEPRE 2010à la royale, beet and hare livers
Senso - Mart - Alfio Ghezzi - Gallery 1 Senso - Mart - Alfio Ghezzi - Gallery 2

The experience of Alfio Ghezzi’s cuisine can also be lived at home, tasting a selection of products prepared and produced by the Chef in collaboration with local Trentino realities: preserves, jams, nectars, cookies and gift ideas in the name of naturalness at zero Km.

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